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22 Karepiro Drive
Stanmore Bay

Down driveway by John's Autos on the right.

Our Boutique Grooming Studio is located at 22 Karepiro Drive, Stanmore Bay

Karen and Lance Scott - Owners

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves are names are Karen and Lance and we are the new owners of Clip-A-Dog.

After building the Clip-A-Dog business into what it is today, Pam has decided it’s time for a change. We will continue to provide the excellent level of service, professionalism and pet care for your animals that Pam and the team have always provided.  We would like our customers to know that all the existing groomers will continue at Clip-A-Dog catering to all breeds, styles and requests.

Just to give you some background about us - we live on the Coast and over the years we've owned dogs ranging from Staffordshire Bull Terriers, English Bull Terriers, Dobermans, English Setters, Boxers and currently have two Shih-Tzus, three cats and one Lovebird - we certainly consider ourselves "doggie" people!

Thank you for your custom to date and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

Karen and Lance

Spring at last!

Mucky Pup  wash and dry.

Drop in for a wash dry and brush out - 
or for the short coated wash dry and furminate 
-have your nails trimmed.  
Still clean enough to be inside in the warm.

REMEMBER  Keep your grooms regular to prevent uncomfortable matting.

Have your pets got fleas? Click through to a very good article about fleas and flea control products in New Zealand. 


Dogs should be wormed approximately every 3 months (aka every 12 weeks). Dogs on a raw diet especially need to be wormed regularly.

We currently stock worming tablets for XXS, Small, Medium, Large and Giant dogs.

We are happy to monitor and administer individual doses every 3 months alongside your grooming schedule. We keep records and can remind you when your worm or flea treatments are due. 

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