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22 Karepiro Drive
Stanmore Bay

Down driveway by John's Autos on the right.

Our Boutique Grooming Studio is located at 22 Karepiro Drive, Stanmore Bay

To all our clients -  We are well settled into our premise at 22 Karepiro Drive.  Our brand new studio is located approximately half way along Karepiro Drive (the street that leads to Mitre 10). We are down a driveway on the right hand side, just by John's Autos. 

Our Groomers =  take their Annual Holidays over the winter season -  please book in advance during July, August and September.

Winter ....rain rain go away come back another day,  

Winter Wash & Tidy - keep the matts at bay, nails trimmed, hygiene areas cleared, face and paws tidy. 

Same day bookings are available.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday by appointment.

Mucky Pups - come in for a wash and dry and nails - with all this rain it's hard to stay clean.  Drop off pup and go to the local shops - we'll text when pup is clean and groomed.  Keep away the damp doggy smell....

Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, German Shepherds, Labradors .......   come in and have a wash and dry -  Blow dry to push out dander and  moulting coats.  Furminate.  Brush out and nails.  Try a furminate treatment for an extra $10-00.

Coast Dogs love the short , sporty summer look for the beach and outdoors with the cooler Winter weather a lot of dogs are now going one length longer.

Remember - the longer the length of groom the more often grooms are required to avoid matting.  What can work really well with the longer length in the groom is alternate Full Grooms and Wash and Tidy's.

Winter Grooming Myth

Myth: Dogs Are Warmer if Their Coats Are Longer In Winter

Many people think they don’t need to groom and trim their dog in the winter and some even think they will get cold if they do.

The humidity & dampness will affect your dog.... Their coats will become damp & wont dry 

Keeping their coats at a reasonable length has many benefits:

    §  Helps to prevent chills & the dryer coat & skin will help with many ‘old age’ conditions

    §  Allows the dog to completely dry off after exercise in rain and beach conditions

    §  Allows you to check for ‘hotspots’ and other skin irritations

    §  Helps to prevent sore, itchy paws

    §  It is easier to check for fleas and to administer treatment

    §  Keeps the hair out of their eyes and ears which can cause irritation and even infections if not kept trimmed

·  Keeps the Sanitary areas clean and unsoiled

·  Helps to reduce that typical ‘damp doggy’ smell!

·  The nails are kept clipped (nails grow all year round and long nails can curl back into the pads causing pain, lameness and infection)

·  Prevents the coat from becoming matted which can cause skin sores & harbour fleas. It will also be much cheaper to have a neat, clean coat groomed that a matted one!

·  Makes wearing a dog coat more comfortable for the dog as it will be placed on top of aDRY coat and skin

·  It allows your dog to have a thorough bath, check over, nail trim and to be completely dried off on a regular basis.

·  Our grooming room will be warm and comfortable throughout your dogs’ stay


Fleas!  Remember to flea regulary. 

Winter is here

Mucky Pup  wash and dry.

Drop in for a wash dry and brush out - 
or for the short coated wash dry and furminate 
-have your nails trimmed.  
Still clean enough to be inside in the warm.

REMEMBER  Keep your grooms regular to prevent uncomfortable matting.

Have your pets got fleas? Click through to a very good article about fleas and flea control products in New Zealand. 


Dogs should be wormed approximately every 3 months (aka every 12 weeks). Dogs on a raw diet especially need to be wormed regularly.

We currently stock worming tablets for XXS, Small, Medium, Large and Giant dogs.

We are happy to monitor and administer individual doses every 3 months alongside your grooming schedule. We keep records and can remind you when your worm or flea treatments are due. 

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